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Year 7 PSHE Curriculum

Some of the learning experiences for Year 7 include, looking at emotional awareness; self-esteem and bullying; conflict resolution, the law and cyber bullying; learning to learn and the acquisition of 'Thinking Tools'; developing financial awareness and financial capability and an introduction to careers, embracing consideration of how skills, habits and routines learnt at school are important for success in the job market.

What will I study?
There are six themes studied throughout PSHE. These include:

  • Term 1- Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
  • Term 2- Health Education
  • Term 3- Economic Education
  • Term 4 - Careers
  • Term 5 - Society
  • Term 6 - The Future

What skills/qualities are required?

  • Working with others.
  • Communications skills – both verbal and written. 
  • Respect and understanding of differing viewpoints.
  • Ability to work independently.

How will I learn?

Whilst PSHE is mainly taught by tutors in form time using booklets to record learning, a variety of supporting materials are also used. These include outside speakers, video clips, discussion questions and other more interactive activities.  Learning is also supported by weekly Head of Year assemblies and House assemblies.

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Students look at various topics throughout this theme. This first PSHE unit introduces RSE to Year 7 students, along with looking at different relationships that will develop over the coming years. There is also information here about conflict resolution and how to recognise a dangerous relationship.

Lesson titles:

  1. Me, Myself, and I
  2. Love and relationships
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Dangerous relationships.

Ability to understand what makes a good friend.

Recognising different types of relationships and how to resolve any conflict in friendship groups.

Understanding of what a dangerous relationship may look like and where to seek support.

2 Health

The focus for this unit is all around Health. This involves keeping our minds as well as our bodies healthy. Yr7’s also look at how to support one another with health.


Lesson titles:

  1. Keeping our bodies healthy.
  2. Healthy Eating.
  3. Healthy Minds.
  4. Looking out for others.

During this term students are also given lessons on basic first aid.

At this stage students look at:

  • Basic first aid
  • The recovery position
  • Calling an ambulance
  • What is in a first aid box?
  • First aid at school

Understanding of how to keep healthy including what types of food to eat and what types of exercise will keep our bodies fit.

Recognising emotions and how we can keep our minds healthy. An understanding of different types of feelings and how this can change our behaviour.

How to best support friends and family who may need help with their mental health.

Students should understand how to put a person intro the recovery position and why this is important.

Students should know how to call an ambulance

Students should know what is in a first aid box and how these materials may be used.

Spring Term
1 Economic Education

Economic education revolves around personal finance and understanding the importance of managing our money.

Lesson titles:

  1. Needs and Wants.
  2. Are you a spender or saver?
  3. Creating my own budget!  

The importance of budgeting

An understanding of needs and wants.

An understanding of personal budgeting and why it is important to spend within budget.
2 Careers

The Careers topic focuses on an understanding of what a job may look like including researching current vacancies in the local area. Students then think about their own career aspirations.

Lesson titles:

  1. What is work?
  2. Jobs in my local area
  3. Jobs in the future!

An understanding of different types of jobs

Where to access job adverts for the future

Ability to consider future jobs prospects and understand what skills are required for them.
Summer Term
1 Society

Society topic focuses on a variety of social issues in our local community and in the wider world in which we live. Students look at diversity in the UK as well as the laws in place to keep everyone safe.

Lesson titles:

  1. You, me, and everyone!
  2. The law
  3. Not in my back yard!

Understanding of the term diversity.

Ability to recognise different ethnicities and cultures in the UK

An understanding of the law and why laws are used in society.

Recognising different developments in our own society and how this will impact the area we live in.

2 Future

This unit provides students an opportunity to reflect on the previous academic year. Students are encouraged to acknowledge accomplishments they are proud of and areas they would like to focus on improving next year. Students also take this unit to think about the next three years and set themselves targets to aim for.

Lesson titles:

  1. Reflection on this year
  2. Next year?
  3. Three years’ time….

Recognising accomplishments and how these should be celebrated.

Ability to identify areas of improvement.

Ability to set meaningful targets.


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