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Coordinator for KS3 Science: Mr A Clarke

Curriculum Intent

Science is an exciting subject looking at the way the Universe and everything in it behaves. It develops problem-solving and analysis skills, and looks at many fascinating phenomena. As science constantly advances, it becomes more important that students are scientifically literate and able to assess the validity of claims made by businesses and politicians in an analytical and critical manner using their knowledge of science methodology and theories.

In Year 7 and Year 8 all students study the main three branches of science. In Biology, students learn about living organisms and the environments they live in.  In Chemistry, students look at the elements and compounds that make up our world and how they interact with each other in chemical reactions. In Physics, students will look at the fundamentals behind how the world works, including forces, electricity, energy and waves. Students also study the concepts behind how science works and its application to everyday life as a thread throughout all the topics covered.

At King’s, we teach an accelerated 2 year Key Stage 3 so that students can start studying for their GCSE sciences in Year 9.  Students study separate sciences with a subject specialist from Year 9 with the intention of all students completing separate GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


The department is situated in the Brook Street Block.

Additional Information

In Years 7 and 8, students are taught by one or two science teachers for all three branches of science.  In Year 7, students are taught in form groups for 6 lessons a fortnight.  In Year 8, students are taught in mixed ability groups for 6 (for those studying both French and German) or 8 lessons a fortnight.

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