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Year 8 Science Curriculum

  Biology Chemistry Physics
Autumn Term

Organisms 2

Gas exchange and the human breathing system, effects of drugs, nutrition & digestion, food tests.

Matter 2

Elements, atoms, compounds, formulae, polymers, the periodic table with a focus on alkali metals, halogens and noble gases.

Forces 2

Levers as simple machines, moments of forces, the principle of moments, pressure in gases and liquids, friction.

Spring Term

Ecosystems 2

How plants make food to support other organisms in an ecosystem (photosynthesis), relating plant structures to functions, how organisms release energy from their food (aerobic and anaerobic respiration).

Reactions 2

Mass conservation in chemical reactions, combustion, thermal decomposition, energy changes in chemical reactions.

Electricity 2 and Energy 2

Electromagnets, magnetic fields, work, energy & machines, thermal energy transfer, insulation.

Summer Term

Genes 2

Natural selection, evolution, extinction, inheritance, DNA, genetics & genetic modification

Earth 2

Global warming, the carbon cycle, long-term climate change, extracting materials from the Earth, recycling.

Waves 2

Wave properties, ultrasound, electromagnetic spectrum, modelling waves, types of wave.

Enquiry Processes 2

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of testing hypotheses, explaining variable types, evaluating investigations and describing the links between theory and evidence in the development of a scientific theory.



  Topic Type of Assessment

Organisms 2

Matter 2

Forces 2

One 48-mark assessment per topic used cumulatively to assign a CAT1 level based on a combined score.


Ecosystems 2

Reactions 2

Electricity 2 & Energy 2

One 48-mark assessment per topic used cumulatively to assign a CAT2 level based on a combined score.

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text books

Activate 2 AQA Text Books will be used in class. Students will be given a login to access an electronic copy of this book. This will be accessed via

Although not essential, you may wish to purchase a physical copy of the text book; search for ISBN: 0198408250.

It is recommended that students obtain a key stage 3 revision guide such as one from CGP; search for ISBN: 184146385X.
FROG (VLE) Additional resources will be added throughout the year to the school VLE.  

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term

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