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Head of Department: Mr Karl Downing

Curriculum Intent

Chemistry is a physical science that offers the intellectual toolkit for probing and interpreting the world around us; it is a challenge to be relished: rich in theory, but never far removed from tangible demonstration.

Perhaps Blake said it best: “To see a world in a grain of sand”.

In the Chemistry department we aim to encourage interest and enjoyment in Chemistry and to allow students to develop a knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts and processes appropriate to their level of study and suited to their individual abilities.

Through the inclusion of extensive and rigorous practical work, and perhaps most importantly for preparing pupils for later study in many fields, through regular, high-level problem solving. Pupils are pushed well beyond the familiar, and often beyond where their base of knowledge can help them, to a place where grit and clear thought are the determinants of success.

We try to ensure that all students become equipped with an understanding and knowledge of the applications of Chemistry, enabling them to become confident citizens and to participate fully in the modern technological society. Further, we wish to give those who are particularly interested or talented the best possible start to a career in the world of Chemistry.


The department is situated on the first floor of the Brook Street block in rooms 20, 26 and 28.

The teaching staff are supported by a Chemistry technician.

Additional Information

Students studying Chemistry at any level are encouraged to seek advice and help with work from any member of the department during any lunchtime or immediately after school. Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take part in the RSC Olympiad competition. Exposing students to the type of problem-based work that is the mainstay of any kind of science degree.

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