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School Uniform

All King’s students are expected to be clean, neat and tidy in their appearance and to wear school uniform in school, on the journey to and from school and on school occasions.  The school expects students to present themselves as they would in a professional, ‘uniformed’ organisation. Top buttons must be done up, with the tie covering the top button.

Shirts must be tucked in, and personal headphones must not be visible.

Hair must be clean and well groomed, with no extremes of length, style or colour (hair should be a natural colour).  Hair longer than the highest point of the shoulder should be tied back.

Students must be clean-shaven or any beards or moustaches must be well groomed, unless there is a recognised religious or cultural reason.

PTFA - Pre-loved Uniform

Uniform Suppliers

Uniform can be purchased from:

  1. School Uniform - Streetguise Apparel Ltd (online only - SchoolGuise | For all your school uniform ).
  2. PE Kit - Price and Buckland - the P.E. kit will be available from Price and Buckland.
  3. Some items of our uniform are available from Downtown Stores, Gonerby Moor, Nr Grantham ( )  Downtown Stores expect to be stocking the new P.E. kit from the beginning of the summer holiday (please check this before making a trip).

Certain general items* are available at most retail clothing shops and stores, but these must conform closely to the standard school uniform.  

School Uniform

  • Black blazer with badge - Sixth Form wear a maroon blazer with badge.   
  • White formal shirt* – long or short sleeve cotton/polycotton.
  • Black or dark grey long trousers* (not jeans, cords or casuals).
  • School tie.   
  • Dark grey or black socks*
  • Black shoes* (not suede).  Boots and trainers are not permitted.
  • Grey pullover with maroon stripe or plain grey v-neck pullover*
  • Dark blue or black outer garments* are preferred.
  • Multi-coloured jackets, hoodies, excessively long coats and coats with excessive logos are not permitted.
  • Sixth Form students may wear a plain grey or black cardigan under their blazer.

All students must wear a blazer with a badge, a white formal shirt, school tie, black shoes (not suede) and dark grey or black trousers (not jeans, cords or casuals).

Students may wear a plain grey V-neck jumper.  Sixth Formers may wear a plain grey or plain black cardigan instead of a V-neck jumper, provided the cardigan remains buttoned up and is worn under the blazer

Students cannot wear:

  • jewellery
  • piercings
  • hoodies
  • trainers
  • overcoat/jacket/fleece/jumper or cardigan in lieu of blazer
  • make up or nail varnish

Games Kit

Pupils are expected to wear the correct kit. P.E. kit will be compulsory and only available from Price and Buckland. Please access their online shop via the logo at the bottom of this website.

Rugby and Football

Years 7-11: Rugby shirt in House colours, school rugby shorts, school socks and appropriate boots*.

Optional: School tracksuit.

Physical Education

Years 7-11: P.E. shirt, school PE shorts, white sports socks and trainers*

Note: All garments must be clearly marked with the student’s name.


  • Any sport trainers are permitted.
  • For football and rugby - boots can be any boots as long as they are studded. The same pair of boots can be worn for both sports. 

Other equipment

A curriculum equipment list can be found here: The King's School Grantham - Curriculum Equipment List (

School Ties

In the lower and middle school all students wear the same style of tie with a coloured strip to represent their house. The following three ties are awarded to members of the Sixth Form:

Sixth Form Tie Prefects Senior Prefects and Head Boy


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