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Head of Department:  Mr G Collins

Curriculum Intent

The Psychology course has been designed to provide a broad and engaging introduction to the scope and nature of Psychology as a science.

The emphasis is on applying knowledge and understanding and underpinned by acquiring knowledge, thereby developing students’ transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

Our curriculum helps students to understand how Psychologists develop explanations and theories to help them to predict people’s behaviour in different situations.

In year one, the specification includes approaches and methods related to the core areas of Psychology – cognitive, social, biological, developmental, individual differences and research methods. In year two, there is a range of topic-based options which bring together explanations from different approaches and engage students in issues and debates in contemporary Psychology.

The assessments employ a variety of question such as multiple choice, short answer and extended writing/essays, which target the skills of knowledge and understanding, application and evaluation. Students’ understanding of research methods, gained through classroom experience of practical Psychology, will be assessed using the scenario-based question style and research methods questions embedded in topics.


The department is situated in the Newton Block.

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