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Year 11 PSHE Curriculum

Some of the learning experiences for Year 11 include; challenging misconceptions in media including pornography when looking at sex and relationships; contraception; mental and physical health; economic education for the real world including, payslips, insurances and how to keep finances secure.

What will I study?
There are six themes studied throughout PSHE. These include:

  • Term 1- Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
  • Term 2- Health Education
  • Term 3- Economic Education
  • Term 4 - Careers
  • Term 5 - Society
  • Term 6 - The Future

What skills/qualities are required?

  • Working with others.
  • Communications skills – both verbal and written. 
  • Respect and understanding of differing viewpoints.
  • Ability to work independently.

How will I learn?
Whilst PSHE is mainly taught by tutors in form time using booklets to record learning, a variety of supporting materials are also used. These include outside speakers, video clips, discussion questions and other more interactive activities.  Learning is also supported by weekly Head of Year assemblies and House assemblies.

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

RSE in Year 11 focuses on risky behaviour and how drugs and alcohol can impede decision making. This unit also investigates pornography and how this can be damaging. STI/STD’S are also discussed including HIV/AIDS. The unit finishes by look at contraception.

Lesson titles:

  1. Sex, drugs and alcohol.
  2. Reality v’s Fantasy

How to protect yourself.

Understanding of how drugs and alcohol can impact decision making

Understanding of different STI/STD’s and their treatment

Understanding of contraception and how to protect against STI/STD’S

The impact of pornography on young minds.

2 Health

Health in Year 11 further develops learning from previous years. These sessions focus on mental health stigma and where to get further support. The unit also looks at reproductive health and addiction.

  1. Keeping healthy
  2. Mental Health Stigma
  3. Getting further support
  4. Marriage and reproductive health
  5. Addiction

During this term students are also given lessons on basic first aid.

At this stage students look at:

  • Basic first aid at home
  • Videos on basic first aid including: severe bleeding, hearts attack, stroke, CPR, burns, asthma attacks, chocking and eye injuries.

Understanding how to keep our bodies healthy.

Understanding of what mental health stigma is and how this can be overcome.

Ability to understand reproductive health and the impact this can have on a relationship.

Understanding of addiction and the various impacts it can have on our lives.

Students should understand basic first aid skills

Students should know how to perform basic first aid for different types of injuries.

Spring Term
1 Economic Education

This unit develops an understanding of payslips, income tax and national insurance. Students also look at different types of insurance and why these are important. Finally, students look at keeping finances secure.

Lesson titles:

  1. Getting paid
  2. Insurance
  3. Keeping finances secure.

Understanding of payslips and how to calculate net pay.

Understanding of insurance and why different types of insurances are needed.

Ability to keep finances secure especially over the Internet.  

2 Careers

This final unit for PSHE in Year 11 looks to the future. Year 11 look at developing knowledge of their own skills needed for post-16. Students also develop a personal plan as to what they would like to do after Yr.11

Lesson titles:

  1. Giving advice
  2. Post-16 skills
  3. My post-16 plan

Understanding of career, education paths

Understanding of skills needed to develop further after Year 11

Ability to create a plan and have goals to achieve after leaving King’s School.

Summer Term
1 Society



2 Future




Where Next