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Year 8 Art Curriculum

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Autumn Term
1&2 Contemporary Still life

Students develop their observational drawing skills from year 7 and examine the history of the Still Life genre. Students will then develop their own contemporary Still Life.

Spring Term
1&2 Graphic Arts

Students will examine a Graphic design approach to Art and develop an understanding of the role of Graphic Artwork within the visual Arts. They will produce a final outcome based on a graphic style.

Summer Term
1&2 Identity sculpture

Students will examine the concept of their own identity and focus on the work of sculptures to create a final outcome representing themselves.



  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 Progress on Contemporary Still Life.
(22/23 only, How to use inspiration)

Contemporary still life project and Identity.
(22/23 only, how to develop ideas)


Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term
Extension Class Lunchtime by arrangement

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