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Gold Card


Would you like the chance to win monthly cash prizes at the same time as helping the PTFA at the Kings School? Well why not join our Gold Card Club!

The Club was started in November 1994 as a way of raising funds for the PTFA.  An annual payment of £10, by standing order, entitles participants to be included in the monthly draws for prize money as show in the rules.

There are a significant number of members in the Club each with a chance to win 10 monthly prizes and two larger prizes.

With just under 50% of all the annual proceeds going into PTFA funds it provides a valuable source of income with which the PTFA can support the school on various projects.

So join us now.  All we ask is £10 a year and you stand a chance of winning it back and more besides. At the same time you know you are helping the PTFA to support the school and its pupils.

So please complete an application form as soon as possible and either send it directly to school or via your son in the first week of term, in time for commencement on the 01 November.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

And remember – “If you are not in, you can’t win!”

Kind Regards

The PTFA Committee

Thank you so much for supporting the school.

The King's School
Parents, Teachers & Friends Association (PTFA)
Exclusive Gold Card Prize Draw

  1. Promoted by The PTFA, Registered Charity No. 1011173. The aim is to raise funds with which the Association can help the school.
  2. The draw is licensed with SKDC under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.
  3. Open to all Parents, Teachers and Friends of the School, over 18 years of age.
  4. Individuals may purchase more than one draw number.
  5. Each draw will take place at the discretion of the promoter from time to time appointed by the PTFA Committee. Usually at PTFA committee meetings which all parents are welcome to attend.
  6. Any costs will be taken from the PTFA earnings in the draw and will not affect the prize distribution.
  7. Winners will be advised by post to their last known address.  Anyone wishing to have a full list of prize winners at the end of each year should contact the school.
  8. It is up to the individual to notify the PTFA of any address, email or telephone changes.
  9. The Draw year will run from 1st November each year and consist of 10 equal monthly draws and 2 large prize draws in June and December each year. The prizes are to equal up to half the amount of the monthly fund in proportion to the number of entries as shown in the attached table.
  10. Entry is to be by standing order only and the completed authority should be returned to the school.
  11. The subscription is to be £10 per annum payable in full by 1st November.
  12. All correspondence should be addressed to The PTFA, Exclusive Gold Prize Draw, The King’s School, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 6RP.
  13. Please note that should you wish to end your Gold Card membership it is your responsibility to cancel your membership.

Payment Details

Number of Entries Ten Monthly Prize Draws (£) Each June & Decembe (£)
100 20 150
200 40 300
300 60 450
400 80 600
500 100 750
600 100 1000
700 100 & 50 1000
800 100 & 50 & 50 1000
900 100 & 100 & 50 1000
1000 100 & 100 & 100 1000

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