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Year 9 French Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 & 2

Studio 2 Unit 4  Chez moi, chez toi

Describing where you live - Comparative adjectives, irregular adjectives

Describing your home - Prepositions

Talking about meals - Boire and prendre

Discussing what food to buy - Il faut, partitive article, quantities

Talking about an event, Carnaval - Using three tenses

Culture: Different life-styles in French-speaking countries, Carnaval

Spring Term
1 Studio 3 Unit 2 Bien dans sa peau

Naming parts of the body - Revision of au/à la/à l’/aux

Talking about injury - Il faut

Talking about sport and sporting routines - Depuis

Talking about healthy eating and resolutions to stay healthy - Regular and irregular forms of the future tense

Talking about plans to get fit - Developing reading skills.  Writing a blog about staying fit

2 Unit 3 À l’horizon

Talking about jobs - The conditional tense

Give reasons for choices - Modal verbs

Talking about the importance of languages - The imperfect tense

Talking about what you used to be like/used to do - The future tense

Talking about future plans - Using these tenses together

Understanding someone talking about their job - Question forms, talking about your dream job

Summer Term
1 & 2 Unit 4 Spécial vacances

Where you go/have been on holiday - Use of questions with an inversion

Give details about holidays - Use of the pronoun y

Describe what you would like to do on holiday - Using the conditional tense

Talking about what you need on a holiday - Revision of reflexive verbs

Describing what happened on a holiday - Revision of the perfect tense

Describing a tourist attraction - Using quel in exclamations. Using emphatic pronouns.

Developing reading comprehension - Writing a blog about your holiday


  Topic Type of Assessment
CAT 1 Units 4 and 2 Listening, reading and writing
CAT 2   Speaking (units 4 and 2), listening, reading and writing

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text Book

Studio 2 and 3 in class

Other materials

Unit résumés

Online platform (This provides access to the textbooks, online homework and additional practice exercises)

Recommended websites

Linguascope (school subscription)

Languages online


Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term
Activities in class Project on Paris, poetry competition, film study of  Les Choristes
Support sessions As required
Languages Club Weekday lunchtime as staffing permits

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