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House Football Competition

House Football Competition on Saturday 29 September

The King's School hosted their inaugural House Football competition, with years 7, 8, 9 and 10 vying for the honour of House Champions.  It was a glorious morning on the King's School playing field where Year 9 and 10 kicked off the tournament in a competitive and thrilling nature which saw More House (Year 9) and School House (Year 10) come out victorious.  In the second session the Year 7's were participating in their first House event of the year and despite some very close games it was Foxe House who finished first in the league.  The Year 8 competition was dominated by School House who managed to go unbeaten in all 5 of their games.  A huge congratulations to all competitors and a thank you to parents and students who helped with the running of the event.

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