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House Activities Day 2016

Students develop leadership skills through a range of activities

On Thursday 14 July five Houses (Burleigh, Curteis, Newton, More and Foxe) took part in a House Team Building Day.  The winner of the House Cup, School House, went to Alton Towers.    

Each house was involved in a number of activities at the sports field that developed leadership and teamwork skills.  Activities included; a climbing wall, the golf challenge, the cube and the web.  Each House worked together as a team, with different years working collaboratively to win as many points as possible.  The final results were: 

1st                    More                240 points

2nd                   Newton           220 points

3rd                   Curteis            170 points

4th                    Foxe                 160 points

5th                    Burleigh          130 points

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