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CCF Recruits attend training day

New CCF recruits attend a day of training to develop their fieldcraft skills. 

New recruits from both the Army and RAF sections took part in a one-day exercise to develop their Fieldcraft skills in preparation for this year’s summer camp at Longmoor, Hampshire (Army), and Inskip, Preston (RAF).  Training was divided into three strands and overseen by SSI Shane Pulfrey:

1. Favourite 24 hour Ration Pack.  Cadets learnt how to feed themselves using the food items provided by the Army.

2. Looking after equipment. Cadets packed their own equipment, including in some cases, rather more than was needed—lessons were soon learned especially when carrying the pack!

3. Bivouac skills.  Cadets were taught how to put up two man Bashas, they are photographed trying out their skills, especially the rudimentary elements of keeping warm and dry.

Finally an observation stand was created so cadets could learn how to move across country, using camouflage and concealment.

Cadets also presented a cheque for £150 to the Chairman of the Army Benevolent Fund, the soldiers’ charity.  

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