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Project X

Curteis House win Project X!

Project X is all about engineering and design innovation.  The challenge was open to Year 8 students.  They were required to deliver ‘vital survival equipment’ to two aircrew that have ejected from their aircraft and landed in enemy territory.  Each team had to plan, design and build an aircraft with a release system to allow the vital survival equipment to be delivered, without breaking, to each of the downed pilots.  They also had to remember not to injure the pilots when delivering supplies. The vital supplies were radios represented by eggs.

This year we started Project X with a House competition culminating in a Dragons Den finale. This was won convincingly by Curteis House.  Having spent a large number of frantic lunchtimes and after-school sessions the plane was built.  The Curteis House team spent a day at RAF Waddington for a 'Day of Trials Competition'. The Team had an excellent design based on a Hercules C130 transport plane complete with a delivery system from the rear of the plane.  They tried valiantly to drop their eggs on target succeeding in delivering 2 out of 4 , however, despite giving the best Dragons Den pitch it wasn’t quite good enough to take first place.  Well done to everyone involved!

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