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Year 7 Geography Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 Geographical Skills

Numerical and data skills for Geographers.

Introduction to map skills:

  • What makes a good map.
  • Plans and scales

How do we represent distance and area on a map?

  • Measuring Distance
  • Compass Work
  • Map symbols
  • Map symbols test
  • Grid References
  • Grid References (6 figure)

Showing height on maps

  • contours

Atlas work: Latitude and Longitude

Maps that show data and introduction of GIS

2 The Geography of the Local Area

What is a settlement?

What do the terms site and situation mean?

What is Grantham’s function?

Where is our local area?

How did it develop?

Choosing a site for settlement.

Settlement shape and change over time

The development of Grantham town

Local project work on Grantham’s land use

Benefits and problems of settlement growth

Land use in towns.

Spring Term
1 The Geography of the UK

UK (identity and diversity).

  • What is the UK like?
  • What gives it its identity? (1)
  • How diverse is it? (2)
  • Population distribution in the UK (local development and conservation issues)

Map test on British isles and Introduction to weather

  • Local Weather
  • Weather in the UK
  • Measuring the weather
  • Weather in the UK (2)
  • Air masses
  • Rain in the UK
  • Types of rain and cloud types
  • Using weather data

Economic activity in the UK


Rivers and Rocks

Rivers and rocks 

  • Changing Earth
  • Classification of rocks
  • Weathering
  • Shaping the landscape
  • Rock Types and Scenery – Limestone and Granite
  • Weathering Test

Rivers and river flooding

  • Introduction to the water cycle
  • Movement of water to a river
  • The river’s journey
  • The river in action
  • The river in action2
  • Meanders and waterfalls
Summer Term

Plate tectonics


  • A slice through the earth
  • Distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Plate movement
  • What is an earthquake?
  • Limiting the damage of earthquakes
  • Predicting earthquakes (Japan)


  • Types of volcanoes and why people live near volcanoes
  • Reducing the impact of volcanoes
2 Africa

Africa scale and diversity

Dealing with common misconceptions of Africa

Conflict in Sudan

  • How should Sudan develop?
  • How sustainable is Sudan?

Ghana, an economic success story

  • Education in Ghana

Africa looking to the future


  Topic Type of Assessment

Geographical Skills

Geography of the Local Area

Formal examination paper with differentiated questions covering the two topics covered in the first term.

Plate Tectonics



Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Text book GEOG.1 textbook All
Recommended Reading

Topical Geographical issues on various websites.

BBC news website on Geographical issues.

Recommended Websites


Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term

Geography club

Wednesday lunchtime: Room 201 at 1pm.

Skills Fieldwork Day at Rutland Water

14, 15 and 16 September

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