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Year 7 English Curriculum

  Topic Further details about the topic
Autumn Term
1 A History of English Literature Students will reflect on why we read and the importance of English, before engaging with a wide range of different literary texts from different periods to explore the development of English Literature over time.
2 Introduction to the Novel:Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah

Students will engage with a contemporary novel to promote our ‘love of reading’ culture at King’s. Whilst developing analytical skills to respond to challenging novels, students will also gain an understanding of context and why this is important when studying a text. In addition, students will have the opportunity to experience other diverse texts within the School Library.

Spring Term
1 Introduction to Modern Drama: Journey’s End

Students will develop analytical skills to effectively respond to challenging modern drama.

Students will explore the significance of historical context and how this influences the study of a text.


Introduction to Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

Students will engage with and respond to a Shakespearean tragedy, further developing their analytical skills.

Summer Term
1 Introduction to Non-Fiction Writing

Students will engage with and respond to a range of non-fiction texts, including speeches, brochures, biographies and reviews.

Students will apply their knowledge of non-fiction conventions in the creation of their own non-fiction texts.
2 Poetry from Diverse Voices

Students will engage with a wide range of different poems. Poets studied include John Agard, Grace Nichols and Claude McKay.

Students will develop analytical skills to effectively respond to challenging poems.


In addition to an initial writing exercise to establish realistic writing levels, boys will be assessed during every main unit. Within fortnightly Reading and Writing Workshops, boys will also undertake regular progress checks to monitor the development of their literacy skills. Progress in reading is also monitored through the Accelerated Reader Programme.

  Topic Type of Assessment



Unit Assessments.


End of Year Exam

Main Resources

Resource Details Term
Set texts As above All
Recommended Reading


Recommended reading list provided on the school website, a hard copy of which was distributed at the year 6 parents’ evening.

We also recommend that you read a range of media in areas that interest you – but always be willing to try something out of your comfort zone.

Recommended Websites

Enrichment opportunities

Activity or trip Day and time or term
Monthly English Department Writing Competition – keep an eye out for the month’s topic and the three categories which you can enter. Monthly
Accelerated Reader Programme – run collaboratively between the English Department and the LRC. Will you be one of our word millionaires? As appropriate
Theatre visits, visiting authors, and attending poetry readings are dependent on what is available when. Daily
Extra English Sessions are available. Please speak with your class teacher to find out details. Weekly
There are opportunities to take part in public speaking and mock trials competitions As appropriate

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